Buy and Invest Electric Bumper Cars for Sale in Your Park

BNBC 01 - Ground-grid Electric Bumper Car For Sale In Stock - Beston Company

Electric bumper cars, as we all know that, are very popular and attractive for adults and children in the park and fairground. And the most important is that, you can spend low cost to buy and invest electric bumper cars for your business and get much profits. For business man, it is very worth to … Read more

Advantages of Purchasing Trackless Train

BNTT 14 - Cheap Thomas Trackless Train For Sale To Philippines - Beston Factory

Trackless Train is a kind of new outdoor amusement rides. It is widely used in places, such as outdoor parks, playgrounds, scenic spots, squares, communities, and also indoor shopping malls, supermarkets, children’s playgrounds, etc. At present, there are some popular Trackless Trains for sale cheap from Beston Company, such as the elephant trackless trains, ocean … Read more

How To Operate A Self-Control Airplane Ride In Amusement Park

BNPR 01 - Self Control Airplane Ride For Sale in Philippines - Beston Factory

Self-Control Airplane Ride is a very classic amusement equipment, which is composed of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. It is an amusement ride that can rotate around the central axis and can move up and down freely and vertically. During the operation, the tourists clenched the joystick to rise and fall at will, chasing … Read more

Beston Factory Has Fully Resumed Production

Get Price Good News To All of Our Customers: The Chinese Government has officially approved the enterprise to resume work through media. Beston Factory has conducted the comprehensive prevention for staffs according to the requirements and start our operation and production formally. Nowadays, in China, both land and sea transport are operating normally. Thus your … Read more

Tips For Choosing Kiddie Rides

Do you want to buy kiddie rides for sale in Philippines? Or do you want to know how to choose the best kiddie rides when you plan to start a business about park. You should know more information about kiddie rides for sale from supplier. When choosing Kiddie Ride, there are several things that we … Read more

How To Identify A Good Kiddie Ride

BNKS 04 - Cheap Romantic Kids Swing Ride For Sale - Beston Supplier

Good kiddie ride should at least reflect the following values! For example: it has its own price-performance ratio and is affirmed by the market; through good kiddie ride, high-quality parental companionship can be achieved; good kiddie ride will be integrated with the animation elements that children like; good kiddie ride can improve children’s social ability … Read more

How Much Is A Ferris Wheel

42m Ferris Wheel For Sale Cheap - Beston Supplier

Do you want to buy a ferris wheel for your business? Or do you want to know the ferris wheel price? When you plan to start your business about an amusement park, fairground or carnival, you will need to find a professional ferris wheel manufacturer or supplier to know the cost of ferris wheel for … Read more

How To Buy Amusement Rides For Your Amusement Park In Philippines?

65m Ferris Wheel For Amusement Park In Philippines - Beston Factory

One thing you need to consider is that how to get more profits when choosing to buy amusement rides for your park in Philippines. Amusement Equipment is the guarantee for the success of the amusement park business in Philippines. Innovative and fun fair rides can continue to attract children’s interest for a long time. So … Read more

Daily Inspection For Amusement Rides For Sale In Philippines

Mid-three-loop Roller Coaster For Sale In Philippines - Beston Factory

Regular daily inspection is a kind of protection for amusement rides for sale in Philippines. It can help you find out the damaged parts during the inspection and replace them in time. It can also extend the service life of the amusement equipment. So which points do you need to pay attention during the inspection? Get Price 1. Whether the … Read more

Beston Will Attend Philippine Attractions & Amusement EXPO 2019

Beston Amusement EXPO 2019

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Will Attend Philippine Attractions & Amusement EXPO 2019. If you want to learn more information about amusement park and water park design and all kinds of amusement rides for sale cheap, welcome to consult us! Philippine Attractions & Amusement EXPO 2019 Address: World Trade Center Metro Manila Booth No.: … Read more