Amusement Train Ride for Sale Philippines

Beston have exported our amusement train ride for sale to Philippines successfully in recent years. We supply various kinds of amusement park train ride for sale in with high quality in cheap price at Philippines. Such as track train ride for sale, trackless train ride for sale, vintage trackless train ride for sale, kiddie train ride for sale, indoor train ride for sale and electric train for sale.

If you are interested amusement park trains for sale in Philippines, Beston train rides for sale is your ideal option. Contact us Beston to get the latest price and related information about this ride.

Track Train Ride for Sale in Philippines

Track train ride is very easily to be found in amusement parks, kiddie theme parks, indoor playing centers, shopping malls and some kindergartens. If you are running for an amusement parks, track train ride is very important for you. Usually, track train ride is powered by electricity.

Beston amusement park track train ride is designed in different themes with cartoon and animal figures decorations. Such as ocean theme track train, Christmas track train and some animal theme park track trains.

If you are interested with Beston amusement track train rides for sale in cheap to Philippines, please leave a message on our website to get a free quote on this train ride for sale.

Amusement Train Rides for Kids
BNAT-8A Amusement Train Rides for Kids


Model: BNAT-8A
Size: *6*6m
Height: 1.2 m
Voltage: 220 v
Power: 1.5 kW
Capacity: 8 persons
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Vintage Trackless Train for Sale at Philippines

Vintage trackless train is a multi-functional train ride can be used in many place. We can find it in amusement parks, airport and some famous attractions as a transport vehicle. With retro and old fashioned style, vintage trackless train is selling very hot and has large popularity in train ride.

Vintage trackless train is also powered by electricity. This is very easy to operate which is very similar with automobile cars. If you are interested with Beston vintage trackless train for sale in cheap price at Philippines, please contact Beston with Email. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Trackless Train for Sale
BNTT-40A Trackless Train for Sale


Model: BNTT-40A
Size: 5200 mm×1880 mm×2200 mm
Parameters: One locomotive, two coaches
Max Speed: 30 km/h
Voltage: 80 V
Power: 12 kW
Total capacity: 40 persons
Coach quantity can be customized
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Kiddie Train Ride for Sale to Philippines

Here in Beston, kiddie train ride can be classified in two different types. The first type is small or mini amusement park trains for sale, and the other type is ridable or ride on miniature train ride for sale. Both two kinds of kiddie train ride can be designed as track train or trackless train ride.

Kiddie train ride for sale is cheaper than adult amusement park train ride for sale, this is an ideal option for you to buy this interesting train ride. Beston kiddie train ride is also can be customized with different styles and themes. If you are interested with our kids train rides for sale, please contact Beston and get the latest price.

Interested in Buying Amusement Park Trains at Philippines from Beston Company?

Leading Amusement Train Ride Manufacturer – Beston

Beston is a leading and famous amusement ride manufacturer from China. We supply different kinds of amusement train ride for sale with nice quality in affordable price to Philippines. Beston theme park train ride not only sells hot in China, but also sells well in Philippines.

We have received many good comments and feedback from our clients from Philippines and continue to cooperate with each other in long time. If you want buy amusement park train ride for sale to Philippines in a low price, welcome to contact Beston to get a FREE quote on this amusement ride.


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