Daily Inspection For Amusement Rides For Sale In Philippines

Regular daily inspection is a kind of protection for amusement rides for sale in Philippines. It can help you find out the damaged parts during the inspection and replace them in time. It can also extend the service life of the amusement equipment. So which points do you need to pay attention during the inspection?

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Mid-three-loop Roller Coaster For Sale In Philippines

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1. Whether the control device, speed limit device, brake device and other safety devices are effective and reliable with other safety devices;
2. Whether the whole machine is running normally, with or without abnormal vibration and noise;
3. Whether the wear parts and connectors are safe and sound;
4. Whether the door interlock switch and seat belt are in good condition;
5. Whether the lubrication point meets the requirements for equipment lubrication;
6. Whether the important parts (tracks, wheels, etc.) are normal;
7. Whether the hydraulic system and the pneumatic system have oil leakage or air leakage, and whether the hydraulic oil level of the hydraulic station fuel tank is normal;
8. The daily inspection of water recreation facilities should include:

  • There should be no bubbles, cracks, bulges, burrs, sharp edges, easy objects, etc. on the surface of the water slide.
  • The lubricating water of the slide should meet the requirements for safe use, and there should be no water leakage;
  • The safety fence and safety warning line of the wave-making facilities should be firm and reliable;
  • Safety signs and instructions for visitors should be clear;
  • The water quality standard shall comply with the national standard;
  • Lifeguards and ancillary facilities should be fully equipped.

Beston Company can not only manufacture high quality amusement rides for sale cheap to Philippines, but also can provide the professional installation guidance and maintenance service. Want to know more information about daily inspection, welcome to contact us now!


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