Interstellar Flying Saucer For Sale In Philippines

Beston manufactures and exports high quality amusement ride Interstellar Flying Saucer for sale cheap to Philippines. As a kinds of thrill rides, Flying Saucer is new and attractive for amusement park. Plan to buy large amusement equipment for your park project? Or want to know the price of Interstellar Flying Saucer Ride for sale in Philippines? Contact Us Now!

BNFS 01 - Interstellar Flying Saucer For Sale In Philippines - Beston Factory
BNFS 01 – Interstellar Flying Saucer For Sale In Philippines

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Beston Interstellar Flying Saucer For Sale To Philippines

Interstellar Flying Saucer is an unique amusement equipment for sale in Beston Company, with independent intellectual property rights, carrying 50 people/time. Different from drop tower ride, the Flying Saucer ride has five-group cabins. But same with drop tower, the Interstellar Flying Saucer has high quality and is made of steel as the main structure materials and fiberglass as the main cabins materials.

The colors of Interstellar Flying Saucer is bright and beautiful, and also can be customized in Beston Factory. If you are interested in our new amusement rides for sale in Philippines, welcome to email us for price list now.

Cabins Of Interstellar Flying Saucer Ride - Beston Factory
Cabins Of Interstellar Flying Saucer Ride

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Specification Of Interstellar Flying Saucer For Sale In Beston Factory

Interstellar Flying Saucer

Equipment Height 52m
Running Height 40m
Running Time 180s
Passengers Capacity 50p
Cabins Number 25
Covering Area 26m (diameter)
Total Power 175kw
Inspection Standard National Inspection A Class

How Does Interstellar Flying Saucer Work?

Interstellar Flying Saucer has two rotation systems of the rotation system and the revolution system, and the seat swings left and right under the rotation coupling of the rotation system and the revolution system of the rotation system. The equipment incorporates multiple sets of safe operation detecting devices, such as one-button start, wire rope loosening detection and alarm device, etc., which can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

The ride is driven by the reducer to rotate, and the lift pulley mechanism realizes the lifting movement, and the cockpit adopts machinery. The mechanism is locked, and the block is equipped with a fall arrester and a bottom cushioning device. The performance of the whole equipment is stable, the color is bright, and the experience is excellent.

It will be a great choice to buy new Interstellar Flying Saucer amusement ride for sale cheap in Philippines from Beston. Send us an email for quotation now.

Buy Interstellar Flying Saucer For Sale Cheap From Beston Company

Beston Amusement Equipment Company is a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier. Beston has many years’ manufacturing and exporting experience and can provide all kinds of high quality large amusement rides for sale cheap to Philippines. Welcome to contact us for detailed information about Interstellar Flying Saucer Rides or any other large amusement equipment for sale! Call or Email Beston Now!


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