Samba Balloon Ride For Sale In Philippines

Buy Samba Balloon Ride for sale in Philippines at cheap price from Beston Factory! Samba Balloon is a kind of hot-sale amusement rides from Beston Company, which is suitable for family to play in amusement park and also can be as a profitable investment project in Philippines. Any need? Send us an email for detailed information now!

BNSB 01A - Samba Balloon Ride For Sale In Philippines - Beston Factory
BNSB 01A – Samba Balloon Ride For Sale In Philippines

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Introduction Of Samba Balloon Ride for Sale in Philippines

Samba Balloon Ride, also called balloon race ride, is a kind of popular family rides for sale in Beston Company. This ride includes motions of up-down, revolution and rotation, and is composed of 8 samba balloons, 8 gondolas, connection device, central support device and operation system. Each gondola can be capacity of 4 persons.

And the gondola is equipped with seat belt and locking door for safe protection. The gondola can rotate separately different from the whole body of samba balloon ride. And the whole body will rotate in a certain inclined angle way which look like shaking head.

BNSB 01B - Samba Balloon Ride For Sale from Beston - Supplier & Manufacturer
BNSB 01B – Samba Balloon Ride For Sale from Beston

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Specification Of Samba Balloon Ride for Sale to Philippines

Samba Balloon Ride

Numbers of Gondolas 8
Capacity of Each Gondola 4 persons
Total Capacity 32 persons
Covering Area 12m*12m
Power 11kw
Voltage 380v
Hight 4m
BNSB 02 - Samba Balloon Ride For Sale Cheap - Beston Supplier
BNSB 02 – Samba Balloon Ride For Sale Cheap

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Features of Samba Balloon Ride for Sale from Beston Factory

  • Samba Balloon Ride for sale from Beston is manufactured with high quality FRP and stainless steel materials.
  • The whole style and appearance look like a central device connected with eight small hot air balloons.
  • This kind ride is attractive and popular for kids, because of its colorful paint.
  • Samba Balloon Ride for sale cheap to Philippines has high safety and is equipped with safe belt and safe door.
  • With the separate running ways, the samba balloon ride is also thrill and excited.
  • There are also beautiful music along with the players when the device starting.
BNSB 03 - Samba Balloon Ride For Sale to Philippines - Beston Manufacturer
BNSB 03 – Samba Balloon Ride For Sale to Philippines

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How Does Samba Balloon Ride Work?

After players sitting well in the gondolas, the operate start the equipment. Then the device will lift the gondolas up to a certain height and start to shake the head in a stable motion. When starting, the samba balloon device can run in a stable direction and at the same time the gondola also can turn in a separate direction which controlled by players. This special control and rotate can bring passengers more fun and interesting experience.

Why Invest Samba Balloon Ride for Amusement Park in Philippines

Samba Balloon Ride is a type of perfect small amusement rides for sale cheap to Philippines, which provided and exported by Beston Amusement Rides Factory in China. According to the similar rotary way, this balloon race ride also can be seem as a kind of small shaking-head chair swing ride. So samba balloon ride can be another choice for little children in amusement park or fairground.

Even can not playing the big swing ride, the children can play the kiddie samba balloon ride instead. And the ride can give kids the same thrilling feeling and experience. So it is a great choice to invest a samba balloon ride for sale in amusement park or fairground.

Advantages Of Buying Samba Balloon Ride from Beston Company

Beston Company is a professional amusement rides manufacturer in China and insist producing all kinds of high quality amusement equipment for sale cheap to Philippines. Beston can provide complete and comprehensive before-sale service and after-sale service, and also installation guidance.

We try to satisfy our customers with cost-effective products and maintenance service. Welcome to visit our factory in China. Contact us for further information.


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