Tagada Rides For Sale In Philippines

There are large and mini tagada rides for sale cheap to Philippines from Beston. Beston as a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China has many years experience in producing and export all types of high quality tagada rides for sale to Philippines.

If you have plan to buy tagada rides for your park or want to know more information about the specification of Beston tagada rides for sale in Philippines, welcome to contact us now!

BNTR 02A - Large Tagada Rides For Sale Cheap To Philippines - Beston Company
BNTR 02A – Large Tagada Rides For Sale Cheap To Philippines

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BNTR 02B - Large Tagada Rides For Sale Cheap To Philippines - Beston Company
BNTR 02B – Large Tagada Rides For Sale Cheap To Philippines

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Description Of Tagada Rides for Sale In Philippines

Tagada Ride is a kind of popular amusement rides for sale in Philippines now and is hot sale in all kinds of amusement parks & fairgrounds. Tagada ride, also called disco tagada ride, is attractive for young people and little children in parks.

Beston manufactures many types of beautiful tagada rides with attractive appearance and high quality materials. It is advised to invest one tagada disco ride in your park as one way to get more profits. Want to buy cheap tagada ride for sale in Philippines? Send us email for price now.

Specification Of Tagada Rides For Sale In Beston

Disco Tagada Ride

Power Voltage 380V/220V
Total Power 21KW
Equipment Sizes 12m*8m*5m
Running Height 1.9m
Running Speed 1.9m/s
Covering Area 12m*8m
Passengers Capacity 24P

How Does Tagada Ride Work?

Tagada rides often work along with high strong music and shaking. Tagada ride can change their working ways between clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation, and at the same time, along with strong and continuous shaking. People will lose their control when playing and riding tagada amusement ride.

But also there some people who are good at playing the disco tagada ride and they can even dance and jump in the tagada ride, which looks cool. Learn more details of tagada rides working principle from Beston Company. Call or email us now!

Why Choose And Buy Tagada Rides for Your Park In Philippines?

Firstly, Tagada ride is a kind of very cool and interesting fairground rides, which is very suitable for and attractive for people who love thrill funfair rides. Buy or invest a tagada ride in your park can bring more tourists to play and gain more profits. It is absolutely a profitable thing for park operator in Philippines.

Secondly, park operator or business man always look for the ways to operate amusement park better in Philippines. They will love to know what kinds of rides can bring more people to their park and how to attract more players for their park rides.

And here are the great rides – Tagada rides for sale! This ride has features of low price and high return. I think it will be a great choice to buy tagada rides for sale in your Philippine parks. Contact us for details now.

Buy Tagada Rides For Sale From Beston Company

Tagada rides for sale cheap to Philippines from Beston Company include large sizes and small size. Beston has various types of tagada rides are available for customers. Even the paint and colors can be customized in Beston. B

ecause we try to satisfy all our customers’ requirements for amusement rides and we hope our rides can do the help for attracting more passengers. And realize the maximum benefit. Welcome to contact us to buy tagada rides for sale in your park in Philippines.


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