Top Spin Ride For Sale In Philippines

Top Spin Ride for sale in Philippines as a kind of large outdoor amusement equipment is designed and manufactured by Beston Factory. It is a type of thrill rides that can be used in amusement park. If you as a business man want to invest this ride in your park or project, you can contact us for the detailed information. Beston Company will provide you with the best plan on buying top spin ride for sale in Philippines.

BNTS 01 – Top Spin Ride For Sale In Philippines

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Introduction for Top Spin Ride for Sale in Philippines

Top Spin Ride for sale, also called Space Travel Ride, is a kind of large mechanical equipment. Top spin ride is manufactured with high quality steel materials and FRP materials. This device works through circular running along with the horizontal axis and its gondola can turn on its axis. Its special gondola is composed of 20 seats and the two-row seats are equipped back-to-back.

Each row contain 10 seats. Each seat is also equipped with safe compression bar. People can feel sense of weightlessness when rolling forward and backward. So this equipment is very popular among young people in amusement park. If you want to learn more information about top spin ride, please send us an email now.

BNTS 02 – Top Spin Ride For Sale From Beston

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Specification of Top Spin Ride for Sale in Philippines

Top Spin Ride

Capacity Passengers 20persons
Swing Diameter 8.25m
Running Speed 8.64rpm
Total Height 9.42m
Working Voltage 380v
Total Power 40kw
Total Weight 21tons
Service Life 8years
Top Spin Ride Installation

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Why Invest Top Spin Ride for Sale in Philippines Park

Top spin ride as a kind of popular amusement park rides has many good features:

  • Beston top spin ride, a kind of thrill rides, is made of high quality steel and FRP materials and also manufactured with the advanced technology. So buy high quality and safe top spin ride can bring your business more reliable.
  • Top spin ride is featured of special running way: double rotation and 360°rotation, which can bring people experience double thrilling feeling when flying and rolling in the sky. So invest this ride in your park can attract more young people to experience.
  • Being decorated with beautiful LED light and colorful paint, top spin ride can shine bring in the night and make the park more beautiful and attractive.
  • Top spin rides can be capacity of 20 passengers to take once time. Compared other equipment, its capacity is big and can take more people to play once time.

How to Buy Top Spin Ride from Beston Factory

Beston company has show the product on our website and you can scan the types of top spin rides for sale to Philippines. Then tell us which one you like through sending us an email. After receiving your email and requirements, Beston will send the more detailed information and pictures and types to you for selection.

And we can help you design the best plan for purchasing according to the our detailed communication about the site and cost. We also can arrange our customer to visit our amusement rides factory in China. When the customer make a final decision, we will arrange the production ASAP. And when comes to the delivery and installation, we also can provide our customers with our best after-sale service. For more info, contact us now.

Beston Top Spin Ride for Sale Cheap to Philippines

Beston Company supply high quality top spin ride for sale cheap to Philippines. This ride is suitable for many projects such as amusement park, theme park, fairground and so on. Top spin ride can rotate in 360 degree and bring people thrilling and exciting feeling and experience in the sky. The ride is designed according to the features of swing.

Many young people will love this ride more. Being a large amusement ride, top spin ride is manufactured under the principle pf high technology and safety. Beston have professional designers and engineers. We can control the high quality structure materials and high precision design.

So if you want to operated the business of top spin ride for sale in Philippines, welcome to email us for detailed information. We can provide you with high quality top spin ride and also great after-sale service in Philippines.


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