Wild Mouse Roller Coasters for Sale in Philippines

Wild Mouse Roller Coasters – New Amusement Rides for sale cheap to Philippines! It is a kind of large sliding amusement rides and also belong to a kind of kiddie roller coasters. This type slide ride with track is very popular among children in Philippines. Here as one invest advice for amusement park in Philippines, welcome to buy high quality Wild Mouse Roller Coasters from Beston Factory!

BNWM 01 - Wild Mouse Roller Coasters for Sale in Philippines - Beston Factory
BNWM 01 – Wild Mouse Roller Coasters for Sale in Philippines

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Description Of Wild Mouse Roller Coasters For Sale Philippines

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, also called mad mouse roller coaster and crazy mouse roller coaster, is a kind of kiddie rides for sale from Beston Factory. And also you can call it as small roller coasters for little kids.

This slide ride is composed of winding track and a series of cars. And the track is manufactures with high quality steel as the main materials, the cars are made of high quality FRP as the main materials. Specially introduction for the series of cars that are design to be cartoon mouse type and the appearance just look like wild mouse. That would be the source of the kiddie rides’ name.

The roller coaster is very suitable for application in fairground. If you want to learn more information about the wild mouse roller coasters for sale in Philippines, just send email to us for details now!

BNWM 02 - Wild Mouse Roller Coasters for Sale Cheap to Philippines - Beston Company
BNWM 02 – Wild Mouse Roller Coasters for Sale Cheap to Philippines

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The Specification Of Wild Mouse Roller Coasters For Philippines Park

Equipment Hight 9.9m
Total Length Of Track 280m
Numbers Of Cars 4 cars
Passengers Capacity 2*4 persons
Max. Speed Of Cars 15km/h
Total Weight Of Equipment 18tons
Covering Area 30*18㎡
Service Life 8years
Power Of Traction Motor 5.5kw
Power Of Air Pump 7.5kw
Other Power 2kw

Features Of Wild Mouse Roller Coasters For Sale from Beston Factory

  • Firstly, it is a kind of kiddie rides, so wild mouse roller coaster is mainly design and manufactured for little children in fairground.
  • Secondly, this type ride is in the height about 9.9m and run along the track with 280m. This structure with crazy speed and tight turns which result that people ride on the ride can feel fly on the edge of track.
  • Thirdly, different from the normal roller coasters, wild mouse seats are designed to be single car available for two persons, and total four cars.
  • Fourthly, you also can find that the cars appearance are designed to be fat mouse and look so cute. They are interesting and attractive.
  • Fifthly, it is similar to small kiddie ride – Slide Dragon Roller Coaster, which are both popular among kids.

Reasons for Investing Wild Mouse Roller Coasters For Sale In Philippines

  • As a investor, you can do some research for the amusement rides market in Philippines. And you can find that children amusement rides are very popular in Philippines. So you can choose one of most hot sale kiddie rides for sale in Philippines to invest, such as wild mouse roller coaster.
  • Roller coasters are common amusement park rides in Philippines Park, and similar to large roller coaster, the small wild mouse roller coaster has crazy and thrilling features. This kind crazy amusement rides require high quality for sale in amusement park. You should choose the mature manufacturer and supplier to buy this type ride. Here Beston, a professional amusement park rides factory, will be your best choice. Welcome to find us for more information.

Why Choose Beston to Buy Wild Mouse Roller Coasters?

Beston is a professional amusement equipment company and has large amusement rides factory in China. As an expert of amusement park rides, Beston has certificates of production, installation, maintenance and export. Beston is your trustable manufacturer in China. Beston Company provide large thrill rides and also small kiddie rides for sale cheap to Philippines.

We can grantee the quality of our products. Here is a kind of new amusement rides – Wild Mouse Roller Coasters, which is very attractive for kids in amusement park. So if you want to do business with park in Philippines, you can choose this type ride for your project. Want to know the price of wild mouse roller coaster ride? Contact us for free quote now!


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